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The SecuRam Electronic Locks on Liberty Safes are EMP Resistant!

The S&G Low Profile and D-Drive Electronic Locks on Liberty Safes are also EMP Resistant. The NL and S&G biometric electronic locks are not EMP resistant.

It is used to lock the dial from turning. You can lock the dial combination scrambled or open. Simply set the dial to "0", insert the key and turn half a turn counterclockwise. This will lock the safe. To unlock, turnkey half a turn clockwise, remove the key and either redial combo or turn dial back to opening position.

If the gun safe is equipped with an electronic lock refer to the "Changing Your Combination" instructions in this manual. (The SecuRam and S&G operating instructions for biometric locks are included in your packet as well). If the safe is equipped with a mechanical dial lock you must contact a locksmith or your local dealer to have the combination reset.

The handle has a
built in clutch mechanism. When the handle is forced it will slip left
or right. To reset it simply force it back to it's original position
when locked.

Routine maintenance is to keep your safes lock is in good working condition and may prevent costly lockouts. Most locksmiths can perform the work. Make sure that they are familiar with SecuRam and Sargent & Greenleaf® group II locks.